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Teenagers watching you, watching Caitlyn Jenner

Parents worry about what teenagers are exposed to in the world, but what they should be concerned about more is what their teenagers see them doing. Studies show that the core attachments of a young person are usually their parents, and how they cope with the world makes the biggest impression.

Celebrity and controversy are a familiar combination as the public loves to watch and chime in on everything famous people do. In many cases, they challenge social mores, discrimination and even absolute taboo. Bruce Jenner's self publicized transition to Caitlyn Jenner, a female identity reminds me in a way, of when Rock Hudson came out publicly as being gay and also having HIV years ago. The media and public already loved him, so it was an opportunity, for the ones previously mired in prejudice to start to question their beliefs and open their minds and hearts to real and wonderful people who are gay as well as those who were struggling with health.

I imagine there are young people today who see Caitlyn Jenner's magazine cover and are perhaps hoping this could be the beginning of being able to talk about how they feel about the world, their friends, themselves and gender.

As teenagers wait and watch for the reaction in the world to Caitlyn, if you are a parent or one of the people they trust to talk to, the link above is a positive resource for young people to find out more. Also, if you are from Orange County, The Center is a wonderful place! They do have youth lgbtq groups split into 2 ages, younger and older. Have a great weekend! Lynn

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