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Lynn Talmon LMFT

Therapy & Counseling Education:

In 1994 I began working in the field of addiction treatment. Working as a clinical assistant to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counselors my heart opened to the world of mental healthcare! Early on my education was in Gerontology lifespan studies which lead to counseling at the Orange County Office on Aging.  I then became a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (now Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor LAADC registered with CCAPP & the State of California).  I worked in addiction treatment while completing my BS in Human Services at California State University at Fullerton.  The next years I was an intensive case manager and counselor for persons who were experiencing serious mental illness and were homeless as qualification for services.  I cherish the people I met during that time and am grateful for the rewarding work. In 2013, I began fulltime graduate school for Counseling Psychology study, first at Sofia University in Palo Alto, and then received my Master’s degree from National University in Costa Mesa. In the last year of my Master's program, I entered a yearlong "weekends" program to become a Certified Expressive Arts practitioner and earned certification in fall of 2015 at the Expressive Arts Training Institute.  I am a member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), and understand and abide by the standards of the CAMFT code of ethics as well as applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations governing LMFTs. I worked for years in mental health clinics and came to full time private practice in 2017. Since 2020 I have been studying Nature Therapy and human's balance in the ecosphere with holistic body, mind and transpersonal consciousness in Ecopsychology PhD study at Pacifica Graduate Institute and California Institute of Integral Psychology.

My Personal Story:

I grew up in the beach communities of Orange County, California.  I was a third generation to attend Newport Mesa schools and my children and nephews were the fourth!  I love and appreciate the history of people here as well as the steady flow of people from all over the U.S. and the world that have come to California and stay to make it better.   

In my personal journey of wellness I am an avid creative arts person, doing photography, sewing, crocheting, painting and playing music as well as running on the beach and doing yoga. I cherish my family, friends, cats, working hard, lifelong learning, travelling, relaxing and laughing!  I'm a regular person with hopes, dreams and challenges throughout life like you.

My personal story has myself, family and loved ones who have experienced many of the issues that you face.  I have appreciated having people to talk to along the way and I understand the risk it is to participate in the process of therapy as it requires honesty and emotional experience that you might have been attempting to avoid before!  But ultimately, “the only way out, is through”. Only by feeling the feelings and processing the thoughts can we come to another perspective and a peaceful heart again. 

As much as I value the strong, loving people that have joined me on this wild adventure we call life, my personal experiences are only a small component of what informs me about each person I work with.  My number one source of knowing about you is from you!!  My education and experience provides me with methods to encourage, educate and support you as you discover truth, define yourself, your values and plans. 

 It is a joy for me to be a therapist and counselor and I am honored to build a strong therapeutic relationship, encourage and accompany you on your journey of growth and self-discovery.  I look forward to talking with you!

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I love sewing to get in the "flow"
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I love to travel
Pets add so much to life
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