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PLAY Day is EVERYday

"Play is the highest form of research" - Albert Einstein. I am generally more oriented towards Expressive Art Therapy for work with children, but I do use Play Therapy Techniques everyday working with kids in Santa Ana School District this year! I see children as people who are amazingly unique and worthy of my respect. They are also very capable of experiencing the human gamut of deep emotional pain to pure bliss, yet they are totally not miniature adults. They have very minimal life experience, which makes every day powerfully defining for them! They possess that inner wisdom of the children, and deal with the world with a tremendous capacity for resilience with their creative ways...through their natural language and medium of self-expression, PLAY. Kids have such an opportunity to expand their awareness of life beyond their challenges and change the entire trajectory of their future for the better. Thank goodness! Child therapy rules. These photos are from a training today with the AWESOME Kristie Cain. She is a licensed MFT in Irvine and Registered play therapist if you are interested in therapy for a child you know I thought she was incredible.

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