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Pet Loss:

The universally under acknowledged grief is pet loss. Our hearts are open and full with our pets and when they become ill and die it can be an experience of loss which is like no other.  Often our pets have seen us at our best and worst and loved us.  We have expereinced the reward of providing and parenting our pets as we care for them and watch to make sure they are happy.  One thing I want all of my clients to know in the beginning is that I know that animal friend will NEVER be replaced.  You may have a different and also rewarding wonderful relationship with another animal friend in the future, but what you had with your friend is very unique and special.  I honor that.  You can't control what happened to your friend, but you can control how you will honor their memory.  I can help you do that too.  Another important thing is being able to understand that other people often do not understand the loss you are experiencing and I will help you tolerate that and also to find the supportive people you do have in your life.  Lastly, I am specially trained as a therapist to recognize if you may develop complicated or unresolving grief, major depressive disorder or PTSD. Al of these three can happen to anyone who has also experienced a major loss such as a beloved animal friend. It is important to care for yourself and remember your loss will not always be emotionally overwhelming especially if you talk about it.  It will always be an important relationship and it is okay to honor it as that.  

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