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Finding meaning
and purpose
    Anxiety Panic Stress Reduction
Therapy for adults
with autistic
spectrum disorder,
stress reduction,
coping and social 

When addiction to people, substances, work, shopping, food, and anything else is given up, you can be left with...choice.  That can be very overwhelming when you have been avoiding the discomfort of coping with the risks of self determination for so long.  The addiction guided your choices.  You may have stayed in relationships that are clearly not healthy when your head is more clear, or you may realize that you never pursued your goals because you were busy being addicted to someone else's needs.  Whatever negative consequences that you came to accept to live with active addiction, you have them at your feet now.  

Help from peers going through similar revelations and challenges in a 12 step group can be very empowering and comforting now!

Therapy is a focused time to take control of your experience by choosing what you have choice over now.  Therapy an also help you process your feelings about those painful things that you are not in control of so that you have a new perspective which is not emotionally overwhelming anymore.  The negative things become a part of your history which informs your future but does not control it or fuel addictions.  Recovery and real meaningful and grateful lives happen every single day all over the world when people break free from addictions. Your life is an adventure worth having fully.

Let you, be AMAZING
Encourage yourself

as if you are your own best friend.

(And, by the way, why aren't you)?

A best friend is someone you can trust with your deepest secrets, rely on in moments of crisis and celebrate meaningful life events with.  The goal of therapy is not to be dependent on help from someone else, it is a relationship with the goal of your freedom.  I support your enhancing and cultivating a productive and positive self, to learn to trust yourself on a consistent basis and know when to turn inward to work on any issues or problems you encounter.

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Fees for Psychotherapy
42-52 mins $175
53-60 mins $200
Intake 60-75 mins $225


Your Authentic Self.



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